4 Necessary factors to consider before migrating a software app to cloud

4 Necessary factors to consider before migrating a software app to cloud

Are you planning to move a software app or your IT infrastructure to the cloud? If answered yes, you’re not alone as 96% of the survey respondents of the RightScale’s State of the Cloud Report said that they had adopted a minimum to moderate level of cloud computing. All those companies who already have their cloud are moving major part of their workloads to the cloud environment for convenience and safety. If you want to migrate your software app to the cloud successfully, you need to adopt a disciplined and thoughtful approach.

With the extremely low prices of cloud services, it’s tempting to make an effort to move applications to cloud servers. Once you do this, you’ll never have to worry about running out of processing space, maintaining and upgrading your system and buying a new server for a new project. What are the factors that you should take into account before migrating a software app to the cloud? Here are a few to keep in mind.

#1: Is my app going to run on Cloud?

If your app utilizes any specific or particular software or hardware parts, it is less likely that it will perform well on the cloud environment. However, there is a collocation solution where the hardware and software of your own server runs on a 3rd party data center that can make your app cloud-worthy. You can therefore try this collocating solution to make your app perform on cloud.

#2: Will I be able to connect the data to the cloud too?

It goes without saying that apps need data and there are indeed several apps which need too much of it. In case your data is stored or generated in your personal premises, the challenge is to make the app access the data in a timely manner. Later on, you have to decide what you could do with the processed data from the cloud. If this becomes an issue for you, instead of migrating, make a new app particularly for the cloud and then store the data in the cloud.

#3: Is it going to be properly secure?

When information moves beyond the reach of the company, there is always a looming risk of breach of data. But thanks to the technology that it is possible to encrypt files before they leave your enterprise. Nevertheless, theft of encryption key and other shady policies of the cloud provider could also lead to several issues. Keeping that in mind, security of the cloud provider is nothing but an improvement of the own security of the customer.

#4: Will I get cost benefits?

Well, there is no such guarantee that migrating to the cloud will be a lot cheaper. When you migrate an app, you’ll require assessing it in terms of value and cost. However, it also can’t be said that you could save money if you left the app where it is today.

Hence, it is definitely beneficial to migrate your app to a cloud computing environment. To know more, you may check out 6 Factors to Consider Before You Migrate a Software App to the Cloud.

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