5 Tips to Protect Your Business Video Surveillance Systems from Hackers

5 Tips to Protect Your Business Video Surveillance Systems from Hackers

Video surveillance systems are crucial components to the security and safety of your business. Each business has secrets and some even have a trade secret methodology of work. No one wants their hard-earned work to be stolen by a competitor or hacker with malicious purposes. Security is really important in terms of theft as well as stopping crimes from being committed.

Therefore, you should protect your business video surveillance from hackers at all costs. Here are 5 tips to protect your surveillance system from hackers:

  • Buy Branded Video Cameras:

Major vulnerabilities are present in cameras that are in your surveillance network. If a camera isn’t branded, it doesn’t get the latest security patches from the company. Without these patches, vulnerabilities remain unchecked and ready to be exploited. Therefore, you should go for highly secure branded cameras. Hikvision is a brand that is in high demand today andit has alsoearned many awards in cybersecurity even from the government.

  • Keep Your Surveillance Network on Lock Down:

The vulnerability in surveillance systems is open IP cameras. Cameras are spread everywhere on your property and anyone can disconnect these cameras and connect their laptop to access the entire network. To prevent this from happening, lock down the MAC addresses that can connect to the network. This way, nothing other than the cameras can connect to your surveillance system.

  • Setup VLANs:

The best way to cut off hacker’s connect is by cutting off their communication with the cameras. Therefore, never put your surveillance cameras on the same network as the rest of your workstation. Isolate the network of your surveillance cameras using VLANs. Only the video recorders should be allowed to communicate with the cameras.

  • Change the Default Camera Password:

One major problem is not changing the camera password. The default password is available at the company’s website and anyone can easily get that information. Therefore, update the password to something that is not default and strong.

  • Keep Separate Logins for Access and Admin Privileges:

The risk of someone getting your password is great if the same password is used for admin work like updating the firmware and routine work like getting the streaming video. Keeping separate logins ensures that the admin login stays safe and sound even if the video streaming is compromised.

Follow all these tips to keep your video surveillance safe and secure from malicious hackers.

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