5 ways to keep your data safe from hackers online

5 ways to keep your data safe from hackers online

As we entered the 21st century, we saw enormous alterations being made just to be better than we were yesterday. Many people criticize to what we have become (dependent) and not being able to do things that easily as we used to do in the past. Such an argument is now becoming a universal fact as we humans surely have become a whole lot dependent on technology. But that’s what humans do as they look to evolve and be better than ever.

Technology however doesn’t only have the negative side as if we look on the other side, we see the light. By light we mean the convenience we now have around us. Since we are so highly dependent on today’s gadgets, we find it difficult to get rid of them. Hence comes along the risks of using such convenience as it may look free but it comes with a price. Therefore, we find ways on how to avoid the risks involved in using such technology (internet) and stay far from the prying eyes.

To help you out, we compiled a list of proper working solutions/steps that can help you reduce the risk (know that risk is inevitable to avoid).

Stay off the networks (public):

Accessing internet in the public seems to be a pleasurable option but know the threats around you and you would pay and use your own portable connection. Just know this point that while you surf the net while sitting in a library, coffee shop etc. you give access to criminals who can access and interpret your information.


Regular changes made to your passwords is a worthy step to take. Although it involves the hefty process of remembering your password, but it’s worth it. You can also improve your security by finding out which passwords (previous) have been compromised, that way you know where you’re weak.

Turn off your system:

Never forget to log your PC out or leave your system unattended as while you’re away, anyone can enter your system and get away with your files and folders. Don’t consider the common login password an actual method of safety as it can be breached within seconds.

Know who’s looking at you:

Scripting tools are placed on many websites that follow your browsing habits (with or without your consent). While surfing, you would see a pop-up saying ‘cookies are being recorded’ is where your activity is being recorded.

Lock your folders and usb drives:

If you are using desktop, laptop etc. you can create lockers for your folders. The process of locking folders and adding an usb lock has become a trend of this era as it is quite convenient and easy to manage. Doing so helps you access your data safely and quickly without much of an effort.

No https, no party:

‘Https’ might sound lame but is something we all should cherish. You’d know its importance after reading its full form which is ‘hypertext transfer protocol with secure socket layer’. Extensions can be used in Chrome, Firefox etc. these browsers also prevent you from accessing those sites that aren’t trusted (non-https). Know that a little bit of care can help you protect your data from the prying eyes and a little bit of carelessness could bring disaster towards you.

Encrypt all:

Encryption by far seems to an option having no limitations. Since privacy nowadays is the most controversial topic, only encryption can help you get rid of the worry. But make sure you are using the AES 256 bit encryption or else you’re using an obsolete version of security.

What’s new?

The point of this research is not to make you feel uncomfortable of your surroundings but to only make you aware of what’s the reality. Just know that by doing a little, you can save a lot. The best part? Go for the encryption option and sweat no more. if you’re not sure which option to choose, try their free trials to get a better idea.

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