8 Best Customer Service Support Methods in Dealing Irate Patients Online

8 Best Customer Service Support Methods in Dealing Irate Patients Online

In a medical field, it is common to deal with irate patients online. How do you handle such situation? Don’t lose your temper and follow these 8 effective, smart ways most sales funnel services by Result Driven SEO suggest to retain your valued patients:

  1. Keep calm and don’t take it personally

When a patient becomes rude or starts yelling, do not respond in the same manner. Instead, keep calm and maintain your poise. Also, don’t take the issue personally, because the patient is not mad at you. He/she is not satisfied with the quality of medical service you provide. Your personal feelings should not be involved.

  1. NEVER ever argue back

Upset patients express their irate, and it is natural. However, some can take things far and the only response you may take is to defend yourself. As a professional healthcare physician, you should never fight back to your patient as it will only make things worse. The best weapon is to keep your integrity and become the better person.

  1. Use your listening skills

By listening to the vent of a patient, you can defuse the situation. Hear out their sentiments and once they’re done talking, sum up what you have heard. Ask questions to further make their complaint clear.

  1. Actively empathize

After the patient vents, he/she wants to know you understand how he/she feels and where he or she is coming from. Show empathy for the unpleasant medical service they’d experienced. In order to make thing smooth, you must understand and respect them. By doing so, you can get their full attention and may cooperate to clarify things.


  1. Be patient

Every situation and person is different, so understand and be patient if some angry patients take a bit longer to relax. As possible, keep in control and direct the discussion to a pleased resolution. This will help your patient calm down and relax. Don’t rush the call, however, bear in mind that you still have other patients to assist and help.

  1. Apologize kindly

It is irrelevant whether or not the complaint of a patient is legitimate. If you want to keep him a patient, you should utter an apology for the issue they’re dealing with. A straightforward, simple statement is enough to enlighten the mood of an irate patient online, such as “I am sorry you are not happy with our service. Let us work together to make things right.”

  1. Find a solution

Now that you fully understand the reason why your patient is not happy, you are ready to provide a solution. Ask the patient what he feels must be put forward or done your realistic and fair resolution to the problem.

  1. Solve the problem

Finally, your irate patient has exhausted himself. Ask some questions to collect information about the problem.

Team up with your patient to solve the problem that will please you both. Otherwise, you’ll go back to where your discussion started. The solution you will recommend must be reasonable and fair for the parties.

Maintaining a cool personality with angry patients is not as easy as it sounds. Practice these tips to keep your composure while offering the most justifiable solution such as hiring a veterinary marketing by Online Marketing For Doctors. They always take an extra mile to deliver more sales for your business.


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