Advantages of buying used cars

Advantages of buying used cars

Buying a car is a huge investment and you have to put up a lot of money to buy a car. You will have to consider carefully how much you are willing to spend on a car. Your first choice would probably be a new car, but considering the depreciation, it’s not really worth the extra cash you will have to shell out. A slightly used car is a much better option if you are interested in value for money.

Lower price means lower depreciation

Car is a commodity whose value begins to go down with every mile. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the car is defective or doesn’t do its job as it should. Even a car in prime condition will cost half its original price after only one or two years of use. So, it makes a lot more sense to buy bangalore used Fiat Punto cars at half price then to buy a new car and then lose money when you sell it. Of course the second hand car will also depreciate but the loss of value will be slower and your loss will be comparatively less.

No tax with used cars

New car has it appeals; the scent of new leather, spotless interiors, and no dings or dents. There is one thing that every car salesman forgets to mention; the sales tax. Every new car you buy has a sales tax attached to it and you will be the one paying it. But if you buy a pre owned car, there is no need to pay any tax for it. You could save quite a bit of money right there.

Lower customization costs

Car dealers make a lot of money through customization; Customized upholstery or an anti rust coat on a new car can cost you twenty to thirty percent extra. You can get the job done at a body shop locally at a fraction of the cost. With second hand cars you don’t need to pay for unwanted features. If you want something specific you can search for a used car with that feature or you can even add it on later at lower expense.

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