All About Hill-assist Feature

All About Hill-assist Feature

We all know that driving a manual car is far different from the automatic vehicles. This is because automatic vehicles have no gears to adjust every change of speed. You simply need to control the throttle and the brake and that’s it. As for the gear stick, you seldom use it like only at the start of the journey and upon parking.

Because of the gear stick that needs to be assisted by theclutch, there is a higher chance of the vehicle to roll back when navigating a slopey terrain. For some vehicles, they can use the hill-assist feature. But sad to say that not all cars are thehill-assist feature.

So what is ahill-assist feature and how can it help?

  1. First of all, this is a feature that will assist the car from not rolling backward when forced to stop on a slopey terrain. It cannot manage the speed of a car going uphill though.
  2. When your foot will need to switch from the brake to the acceleration pedal, it will kind of hold the brake for about 2 seconds so that the car won’t roll back.
  3. All you need to do is step on the brake when going uphill just like you normally would and the hill-assist feature will reinforce you the moment you switch to acceleration pedal.

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