Alternatives to Hiring Trade Show Wi-Fi

Alternatives to Hiring Trade Show Wi-Fi

There are countless reasons you should have Wi-Fi in your trade show. Besides your personal data use for web surfing, texting, email, and app usage, you need a strong internet connection for sending confirmation order email to your customers before they leave your stand, setting up a printer over a wireless network, and so on.

There are two ways of getting an exhibitor internet. First, you can hire a Wi-Fi vendor to come and deploy a temporary internet connection or second, looking for how you can survive the trade show with the least expensive alternative DIY connection.

If you don’t want to hire a temporary Wi-Fi hot spot for your exhibition, here are some alternative ideas.

  1. Personal mobile hotspot

This is one way to go about it and a perfect option if you don’t have a budget for outsourcing event temporary event Wi-Fi.

You can buy small devices that compatible with cellular 3G or 4G network to connect your teams’ gadgets.

  1. 4G Internet Kit for rent

If you have a budget set aside for internet needs, companies like Trade Show Internet can provide you with a reliable 4G signal for rent that can satisfy your small user base of up to 15 devices.

The kit comes with a manual that will guide you to launch and configure the internet in just 2 minutes.

The 4G internet kit from Trade Show Internet guarantees Verizon broadband coverage and AT&T 4G backup modem.

  1. Use your cell phone hotspot feature

This is a shrewd move if you don’t expect to have a lot of Wi-Fi devices to connect. Majority of smartphones these days can act as a tethering device to open a hotspot that other devices can connect. You will be using your phone cellular internet connection, in which the cost varies from cell phone provider to another.

This exercise will drain your cell phone battery, so ensure you have a power outlet as well as a charger with you.

If you feel this is too much trouble, contact Trade Internet Connection for a free consultation about exhibitor internet solutions.

Whether it is a remote event venue that you want to have a 4G internet solution kit shipped to, or it’s a last minute need that you will need an overnight solution for, we have the infrastructure and solutions for any type of need.

Our exhibitor internet kits have been tried out at hundreds if not thousands of events throughout the whole US and has made our customers happy. Feel free to check out our scores on Yelp and see for yourself about how TradeShowInternet helped many companies with their temporary internet needs at events, conventions and tradeshows.


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