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Things to know before handing over your iphone to its new owner

The iPhone is considered to be one of the highest selling mobile phones in the past decade. iPhones are the first mobiles who jump on the smartphone bandwagon and is


5 ways to keep your data safe from hackers online

As we entered the 21st century, we saw enormous alterations being made just to be better than we were yesterday. Many people criticize to what we have become (dependent) and


Darkcon, affiliated projects, Russian Darknet and more (Q&A)

RAMP’s (Russian Anonymous Marketplace) fall forced many of the dark net users to migrate to Hydra Market, which is one of the leading Russian dark net marketplaces as of right


Best Outdoor Pair of Speakers

No gathering is great without music. Outside speakers will help you keep your visitors engaged while you cook. Select a couple of speakers, which are most suitable for your requests.


Cheap and User-Friendly – Google Play Gift Cards are the New Age Gifts!

Android based gadgets are in craze for the longest time ever. These days, people are akin to the internet 24*7. Thanks to the leading-edge gadgets like tablets, Smartphones and PC’s.


What to Look For In a Software Developing Company

Most businesses have created an online presence now and most of them need some kind of software to run their business smoothly. If you are one such business person and


How to Choose the Right Payment Gateway?

‬If you are having an online store, you need to have a payment gateway for sales to actually happen. Selecting the right payment gateway is mandatory so that your customers


What is the Importance of Fiber optics

In the agriculture industry, irrigation is important.  This form of early technology—and yes, it is considered a type of technology—helped to spread water underground in a way that would more


Planning and arranging for best playlist for party songs: Party songs selection guide

Music is soul of any party, so if you want to make your party unforgettable and thundering for upcoming night, just give attention to make an awesome playlist with best


Accelerate Business Growth With Automation Companies in Delhi

In our era of advanced technology, automation has become very necessary because it reduces human intervention in operations and enhances efficiency. They assist to reduce overall work costs by supplying