Best Apps To Synchronize Your Mac with Android Huawei

Best Apps To Synchronize Your Mac with Android Huawei

Many electronic device users are interested in buying a Mac computer; however they prefer taking an Android phone. In that case, syncing becomes an issue. To solve this problem one can use the Android File transfer app, thought that is slightly outdated considering it was last updated in 2012. There are a number of third-party tools that assist the user much better and have been listed below.


SyncMate offers transfer as well as sync and non-sync features. SyncMate, an app to sync Huawei phones with Mac can make syncing very easy for you. The user can sync personal data as well as media files and the app even helps in managing calls and text messages.


This user-friendly app helps in keeping all media files synced, backed up and organised. Unfortunately, it does not do the same for other data like calendar events and contacts.

Android File Transfer

Developed by Google, this app is quite simple and is available for free and it can do basic synchronize Android Huawei with Mac, however for users looking to sync events from calendar data and/or multiple files in one go, this is not the right app to choose.

Droid NAS

Though this app helps mostly in terms of transferring and not so much in terms of syncing, it helps in sharing folders over a wireless network and the Huawei device is seen as a Bonjour computer on the Mac. It works in transferring music and photos, but not personal data.

Cloud services

Cloud storage is a smart way of syncing a Huawei device to a user’s Mac, though it does add an extra step to the entire process. Some cloud storage services include Dropbox, SugarSync and Google Drive.


It allows you to upload different kinds of files and sharing, even if the receiver does not have a Dropbox account. It has enough free storage as well making it a viable option, even though it is a better solution for back up and not syncing.  It does not, however, work with calendars and contacts.


This allows sharing with other people. At the same time, it does not work with personal data, like Dropbox. It does ensure removal of synced files if the computer is misplaced, though.

Google Drive

This app, on the other hand, works with personal data like your contacts, making it a viable app to get.

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