Best mobile games of all time

Best mobile games of all time

The compilation presented by Manamonster includes both novelties and cool, ageless games, to which you always want to return.

  • PUBG Mobile

This game does not need special representation, it is the best royal battle game, recreated on mobile devices after mega popular desktop original. It can be played completely free, although it has in-game purchases.

  • Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

This game is a real gift for all fans of the Final Fantasy series. The mobile version is very qualitative and has quite a large game world. Also, it has a very interesting story component and connection with the events of the console original game.

  • FRAMED 2

It is a sequel of an excellent noir game from 2014. The game offers the same mechanics of the puzzles in the style of the animated comics, where you will have to complete an intricate and intriguing story. Fascinating visual effects and atmospheric music highlight FRAMED 2 on the background of most modern analogs.

  • Pokémon GO

This game, which has become a real phenomenon, is still popular in many countries. Developers support the interest of users by adding new Pokémon, various tournaments and changes in the gameplay.

  • Minecraft

This is a mobile version of avery popular game, which allows you to explore randomly generated worlds and to build everything you want. Virtually endless possibilities of crafting provide tremendous freedom of action and allow you to show creativity.

  • Super Mario Run

This game is the first official Mario on mobile platforms. The game can be characterized as a combination of a runner and a platformer, supplemented by a pair of non-standard modes. In Toad Rally you have to compete with users from around the world, and in Kingdom Builder you can collect different items and decorate your kingdom with them.

  • The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay is a mobile version of a famous game for PC. This game allows you to create unique characters, build houses, organize the daily routine and set your own orders.


This is a real Snake of a new generation, which exploded the Internetin 2016. It was recognized as one of the best games of the year, which is quite deserved. The principle of the game is simple and clear – do not crash into other players, forcing them to crash into you.


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