Description of Job Portal and the Change in Industries

Description of Job Portal and the Change in Industries

Technology has changed, and with every technology, there are changes in every industry. Most industries to strive in the market are changing fast with the changes in technology. The faster they change, the better opportunity of surviving and grasping more customers compared with their competitors. The same changes can be seen in the employment industry too.

In career market, employers want to hire qualified employees. In the urge to hire qualified employees, whenever there is a vacancy, they advertise in printed media, such as job seekers magazines or other magazines, newspapers, etc. But a new trend has come up, employers are making their career portals, or they pay to the consultants who hire qualified employees for them through their online portals. The employees can go online and check if there are jobs available for their qualification and then they apply.

Career seekers

In most of the websites, the career seekers go to the website and signup to make a free account. After going there, they are allowed to post their resume and the title of the job they are interested in for the employer to review it. CV posting services are allowed in the portal, you can copy paste the CV, you can upload a copy of your existing CV to the portal, or you can bring a copy of your CV from other popular websites where you have posted them previously. The can search for the jobs they are qualified for by typing the job title.


For employers, they have to go to the job portal website and search for the title of the job and see a list of resumes there. But before they can open the resumes and details about the appliers, they can only view the resumes after they pay some money to the website. From there, they choose the candidates they think best fits their vacancy and try to communicate with them.


Job portals can be made from different templates, such as Job Portal WordPress Themes. The job portals should have good designs, and also should be made easy for the users, so that they can be easily completed with all the information necessary to be taken from the job seeker. It also should carry community bulletin boards and forums.

Bootstrap Dashboard Templates is the tool you can use to help to store the data collected from the job seeker which can be nicely shown to the employer.


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