Foodie Paradigm Shift

Foodie Paradigm Shift

The food world has become quite a subject of popularity and debate. Food has always been the cornerstone of human culture, but lately, there has been a surge in its accessibility and function in modern life. Restaurants with a conscious and a soul are being picked over the standard and the reason it’s happening is pretty extraordinary.Image result for Foodie Paradigm Shift

Personally, I think the farm-to-table movement is reason enough to get excited about the future of food. The fact that there are an abundance of restaurants sourcing local, sustainable ingredients within a specified radius leaves room for so much healthy competition and growth in the industry. For example, if you live near 15-20 establishments preaching farm-to-table looking for somewhere to source their ingredients then there shouldn’t be just one person providing all the meat and produce for these locations. Instead, you will find 30-40 people specializing in one or two types of product. Those one to two products are created repeatedly, over and over, until they reach a point where they can be considered perfect works of art. This is better for everyone; the farmer, the animals, the produce, the restaurant, the eater, and, last but not least, the earth. Instead of going one place for a lot of mediocre things, chefs are going to a lot of places for really good things. Slowly but surely the ugly places are being weeded out and these new establishments are opening. Not only that, but people are starting to cook more at home and, similar to the restaurants, they are caring about what food they are putting into their bodies. When they need their cooking supplies, they are picking up these Groupon coupons for Sur La Table to stock their kitchens with quality merchandise. Being able to write a menu of delicious, local eats and execute on that menu in front of hungry guests in your home is easily one of the most gratifying and satisfying feelings in the world.

So do your research. Encourage your friends to join you. Pool money for the best local goods you can find and get in the kitchen. I promise you’ll be addicted after just one night in.

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