Free Software: Recover Deleted Files or USB Disguise

Free Software: Recover Deleted Files or USB Disguise

Grateful Disk Drill ensures HD data recovery in Windows and Mac OS X. Thanks to Icaros Shell Extension, you learn the new features of Windows Explorer. USBOblivion stops using USB accessories. A Screen Reader extends the screen reader options.

These programs are for HD data recovery; check out the site if you need professional hard drive data recovery.

Disk Drill 1

This application is in the range of those used to recover deleted data (deleted from the Windows). It is refurbished from virtually any storage device, including internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives, MP3 players, memory cards, etc. Check out further advanced solutions at website, if you could not recover data from USB with this tool. There are two scanning methods, both fast and deep scanning. The results can be viewed in real time; there is no need to wait for the scan to finish. In addition to data recovery, it also offers a data protection function. It works by automatically copying deleted files from selected folders or drives to another location, so they are easier to recover if needed.

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Icaros Shell Extension 2.3

Windows Explorer can natively preview media files. The video shows an image that shows what’s on the video. But it’s not always the case.

No filters are present on the system to display some types of media, so Explorer does not show it. This can be customized by this program. With it, the necessary libraries are registered, and popular types of files will be displayed.

USBOblivion 1.1

It offers Windows computer users the ability to remove tracks from connected USB storage devices including flash drives, MP3 players,

Because Windows not only maintains statistics on connected devices, it also creates records in the system registry that contain information such as the manufacturer, the date of the last connection, and various other details. These can be completely eliminated with this tool. By default, it runs in simulation mode to see the cleaning results. If you want to continue, you can run this process again and delete the records straight away. The advantage is that it can create a backup of the registry, so in case of problems it can be returned to it. The application only removes records for mass storage devices, does not interfere with other devices such as mice, keyboards, wireless adapters,

Screen Reader 3.1

It includes a text reading feature. This allows people with visual impairment to relieve the demanding scrutiny of letters.

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