Get the desired job just by clearing an aptitude test

Get the desired job just by clearing an aptitude test

In the field of a job, there are various tests taken by the organizations before hiring the candidates. The team of HR from the concerned organization must be through that the candidates who are hired are best among all who had applied for the positions. In the areas where the candidate needs to have the expert level knowledge, these tests matter a lot. Though, the normal hiring process is, the candidates need to meet the concerned authority of the department as well as the HR, and they take decision accordingly.

For the department head, it may be easy to decide about the concerned candidate but not for HR. Hence various tests are designed by the experts where the concerned candidate has to answer in yes or no or even in the description in some cases. This helps him to secure some score at the end of the test. The test score becomes the determining factor here as the benchmark score is already set here. Those who score below the benchmark are simply rejected while those who secure the score above this standard may get chance to have the employment.

Hence, overall, one can say that it is the test only that makes the difference among the candidates and not any personal bias, preference or prejudice. To have more transparency, some organizations also arrange the tests online so that only candidate who deserves the job can perform better and get it.

First, let’s discuss about what is quantitative aptitude? It is one of those subjects in which every person is not good, but tries to learn as much as he/she can. It is one of the most toughest and competitive subjects. This subject enhances your numerical thinking ability through which one can solve problems easily. This subject is mainly part of every entrance exam like CAT, GATE, MAT, and many other exams.

A child from the childhood itself faces problems in evaluating numerical questions because every person is not same in thinking order. Even this quantitative aptitude test is part of selecting a good and appropriate candidate for the organization. This test is amongst the selection procedure of choosing an appropriate employee who will work well and cope up with the workplace environment.

Topics which are included in Aptitude Test

  • Percentage – This is denoted by the symbol %.
  • Number system – This consists of natural and whole numbers, integers, real numbers, rational and irrational numbers. And to solve these numbers, we use operations like addition subtraction multiplication and division.
  • Probability – It is the favorable outcome of a random experiment is called probability.
  • Permutation and Combination –The different arrangements made out of a given number is called permutation. The different combinations of groups that can be made out of given number, irrespective of their sequence are called combination.

These were half of the topics that are included in an aptitude test and can be more like averages, ratio, and proportion, ages, etc. Basically, the motive of this test is to check that how good an applicant in decision making. As choosing the most reliable answer will make a good impression and will give the candidate more chances of getting a job. This test helps in reflecting the strength, talent, and limitations of a candidate who is recruited for the job offer.

It is known as one of the most scoring subjects as it includes solving problems like a graph, table numerical, percentage analysis and others. If everyone is good in quantitative aptitude, there will be no competition. Hence, every person is not good in mathematical calculations, though it is an easy and scoring subject but also complex on the other hand.

Procedure for quantitative aptitude

  • The company offers a link to the candidate and he just needs to click on the link provided.
  • After getting the link when a candidate clicks on it, the required page will be opened up.
  • There is no need of any particular location to open the link. A candidate can open it from anywhere.
  • Just solve the question paper in the given limited time and as soon as it is completed just submit the paper on the details provided. Make sure there should be a good internet connection so that there is no problem faced by any candidate while giving the exam.
  • After evaluating the paper, the company will select the required candidate according to his/her performance in the exam. And soon the candidate will be hired.


  1. Cost-effectiveness – These aptitude tests are carried out on a computer system due to which they are cost effective.
  2. Minimizes anxiety –The pressure built on an employee while doing assessment one after another can be reduced.
  3. Training needs assessment –As different people are efficient with different skills in the organization. And this test best helps the candidate to improve his/her work Training programs help in building the confidence of an employee.

Now, the readers might be thinking that what the need for an aptitude test is. So let’s discuss this point. As we know that businesses need to think a lot about profit making, competition, rules, and regulations, etc. This test can solve any problem as a person good in quantitative aptitude test will be better able to handle the problems. One can handle the pressure at the workplace.

A candidate must be able to change himself/herself according to the working environment. Because an employee will face challenges at every next level and so, to cope up with them, one should know the solution to the problem. If a person lacks in handling the problem, he/she is not good in quantitative aptitude and hence needs to improve.

So, you got the idea from this article what is quantitative aptitude and why is it important in one’s life and also for getting a job where you want. Not everyone is good in numbers, but at least one can make sure that he is not an average also. If you want to get a job, improve your quantitative aptitude.

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