How Can You Recover Lost Videos from Surveillance Systems?

How Can You Recover Lost Videos from Surveillance Systems?

CCTV cameras assure continued surveillance and thereby enhance the safety and security of any surroundings. While it has numerous benefits, there are many flaws with regards to its technological features. If a CCTV system is under malware attack, there could be a complete loss of data. A lot of times, this could result in loss of recorded images or video captures. Even if they are recorded, they may not be playing properly. This could be a major hindrance in capturing evidence of any form of theft or attack.

Here are some of the ways to recover lost videos and images from surveillance systems.


Most good quality CCTV camera systems allow you to constantly back up the data on a daily basis. This way, you will have all the captured images and videos stored in a separate drive. In case of loss of data from the system, you can recover it from the external drive. One smart idea is to use a cloud solution for backing up your data. Cloud also offers more space as compared to a physical drive.

Recovery Software

There are a number of online software that helps you in recovering lost data from CCTV systems in case you do not have a backup. Some of them are freely available online and some need to be paid for. These are easy to use and offer convenience in terms of recovering all the data. Ensure that you opt for recovery software that supports the file formats so that the end result could be complete recovery instead of partial.

Data Recovery Centre

As a last resort, when all things fail, you can opt for a data recovery center to get the CCTV data back. There could be situations where your physical device is damaged leading to loss of data. Data recovery centers can easily retrieve all lost data from devices that are severely damaged. The positive part about this form of recovery is that even deleted videos or pictures can be recovered.

While there are always ways of recovering lost data, it makes sense to constantly check on the CCTV system to ensure appropriate functioning. This way, you can take better damage control actions in advance. It is highly important to have all the data from surveillance systems at all times. You never know how an image or a video could be used for resolution or prevention of crimes.



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