Impact Of Voice Search On Seo In 2020

Impact Of Voice Search On Seo In 2020

Search engine technology has undergone a revolution in recent years, and thanks to updates introduced by Google, users can count on the most important, high-quality search results. It is no longer surprising to see people who issue several commands on smartphones and other mobile devices to perform various tasks.

This means one thing: voice search is becoming commonplace. After all, any technology that replaces a tedious process will become the dominant trend among users. And when voice search technology replaces writing, saving our time, it will undoubtedly have different effects.

There are a few things to know about voice search from licreativetechnologies: it is very accurate, more and more home appliances use it, and the number of queries available is increasing. According to a recent study, as many as 41% of adults and 50% of teenagers perform voice searches at least once a day.

Here’s how voice search technology will transform SEO in 2020.


When voice search was only planned, the largest corporations did not waste their valuable resource, i.e. time. Amazon introduced Alexa, Apple launched Siri, Google created the Google Assistant application, and Microsoft developed Cortana. All these technologies have decided on the potential of voice search.

The way you search for information decides what results in you get. For example, to improve search, Google created the Knowledge Graph in 2012. This tool conveniently presents all search results on the right side of the screen. Quick access to information has been appreciated by most. Unfortunately, this also caused some site owners’ anger because this option did not allow users to visit the source page; it was a text search.

However, everything changed with the introduction of voice search. It offers more accurate search results. For example, the Apple Siri command given was programmed to return information about a specific question.

Although text search results in many links and other suggestions, its voice equivalent offers more accurate information, regardless of its origin.

Questioned accuracy

Despite the rapid increase in voice search capabilities, this technology also has its weaknesses. It’s worth remembering that voice search gets answers from various sources. For this reason, you can find out whether the answers are reliable or not.

As already mentioned, voice has a significant impact on how people use search engines. It also means that it has a significant impact on SEO.

As Richard Dean of Caffeinated recently stated, “voice search is still developing and there is a lack of data or research results that would allow us to fully understand the consequences of this phenomenon. There are, however, a few known parameters that SEO experts can analyze to better understand the importance of voice search for SEO and make appropriate adjustments. “

Naturally sounding long expressions

SEO experts can accurately assess what users typically type when searching for anything on the web. This means that they also evaluate what is most often said by searching for products, services and general information using voice technology. Research shows that internet users most often use natural terms.

For SEO specialists, this means the need to optimize content to include long phrases, adapting them to grammar rules. Therefore, they should use natural expressions that we use every day. In this way, they will increase the chance of getting a high ranking page.

Use of websites offering online reviews

Moz recently conducted extensive research on local SEO and search engine rankings. And thus obtained interesting statistics. The most surprising was the fact that online search results decide about search results in about 10% of cases. So we can see that pages with reviews are also a factor that search engines take into account when ranking pages that will return in search results.

Therefore, one of the effective ways to attract the attention of search engines is to present your content on these platforms. It’s worth including your business and company information on sites such as Trip Advisor, Google My Business and Yelp. As voice search is gaining popularity, any business seeking a high search rank should start using the opportunities offered by online review platforms.

Added FAQ page

By attaching a page with frequently asked questions to your company’s website, you can improve its visibility to search engines in the long term. Also, it can guarantee that our content will appear at the top of the voice search results.

It’s worth remembering that users using voice search generally ask questions with the following words: why, where, what, how and when. By offering answers to such questions on your site, you can increase your search engine’s chances of it being spoken in the voice search process.

Microdata for local SEO

If a larger group of people use voice search, in most cases they search for information on specific products and services in a nearby location. For example, internet users can search for nearby restaurants, businesses, and similar services. For our company to be included in the search results, you should focus on the Microdata specification and implement appropriate strategies of local SEO.


Given that voice search is an increasing part of daily web queries, it’s a good idea to optimize your company’s website for this technology. Using the right approach will help us increase web traffic for existing expressions and introduce new expressions that will improve the visibility of our products and services for search engines.

In times of digital searches, voice technology will continue to be an integral part of SEO, even in the future, and may stay with us longer than traditional text search. To adapt your company to upcoming structural changes, you need to optimize all pages for voice search.

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