Information of the TTSPY spy app

Information of the TTSPY spy app

Do you afraid to be found out by others if you are tracking the activities of your child, employee or spouse?  Even if your intentions are good, they may not look like this. However, there is good news as the phone spy app like the TTSPY can do many jobs for tracking like turn on phone camera remotely, most important, it is possible to monitor someone’s phone without letting them knowing it. The spy app runs completely invisible and does not indicate its presence, so the owner of the target phone cannot verify that the application is installed or is currently running.

After installing the spy app, you can control the device from remotely. The application will collect data from the target device and periodically send it to the control panel. The spy app only sends images and videos to a private space once the target having WiFi connection. The TTSPY spy app does not use mobile Internet, so there would be no large bill for traffic. Following are some features of TTSPY spy app:

Call controlling

TTSPY call spy app allows users to take advantage of all incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone. With this application, you can also record phone conversations, restrict calls to specific numbers or add them to the blacklist. This feature is very useful for both parents and employers to intercept incoming or outgoing calls on the target phone.

Tracking message

Tracking the text message is another important function for the TTSPY phone spy app. Text messages are the main source of contacting methods at present by teenagers and some bad things such as sexing can be caused by this. This will help the parents to know if the child is having sex. With the help of this function, parents can view all text messages sent and received the number of senders and recipients, and the time of the message. Parents can keep their mind in peace in the future after using of the TTSPY phone spy app.

See full contact list

The TTSPY can show all contacts in the contact book in which you can see their names, phone numbers, emails, websites and more. Moreover, you can also see their address and the company they work for if such information is stored in the target phone. With this function, you can easily search for unknown or suspicious people in target mobile phone’s contact book. Even if user deletes a contact from their mobile phone, you can access the entire contact book.


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