A high number or amount of material could not go through a system or machine. But it has been made possible today because the rate at which technology continues to grow. The advancement in technology has resulted in so many positive outcomes, making work much easier for people. In today’s manufacturing industry, people have gotten themselves the positioning systems which they really need in their workshop that provides them with precision, stability, and accuracy.

There are various kinds of X-Y stepper motor tables and miniature x-y tables which also have different customized versions. Before we proceed, we will first talk about an X-Y table then proceed to the different types of miniature x-y system, and then we will discuss the primary use of the miniature X-Y table.

Now, let us get you acquainted with x-y table and what it is capable of doing.

X-Y tables are responsible for providing side to side or parallel movement for the sake of some automated machines like assembling robots in facilities where they manufacture. Many automated machines, such as the arms of a robot are restricted to some particular degree of rotation. So their range of rotation or motion is limited, and this is where the x-y tables come in to place. As we have said earlier, the x-y tables will help the basis of these machines to move in a parallel direction (X and Y axis). X-Y tables can also be called XY stages. The XY tables are horizontal slides which are motorized, and they move in a parallel direction usually by a linear motor. XY tables or stages are created with the intention of providing positioning that is of high-performance along with various numbers of axes.

The construction of x-y tables

XY tables are being constructed with surfaces that are flat, and they are on ball or roller slides with many linear or horizontal bases which posses what is being known as platens and forcers as well. What the forcer does is to have continuous movement in a linear or straight line motion over the platen by gliding on bearings that have no friction. For many axes to be created, the straight line bases have to be placed on top of each base. The Y-axis, which is the top axis, will be playing two different roles. It will act both as the base which carries the bottom and base holding the stage or table. These very XY tables which are being used often for the sake of moving an automated robot are known as “positioning tables.” Stainless steels and also cast iron are the materials being used to create an XY table. The bearings are being made with bronze, while the frames are being made of aluminum.

Stepper motor x-y tables

This particular kind of miniature x-y table is often being used to offer low and high velocities of serene running since the stepper motor does not cause vibration.

It is well known for its outrageous precision and stability, and its capability of withstanding high velocities. It also generates a very high rotation even when the velocity is low. So, we can eventually claim that a miniature x-y table that has a stepper motor is actually the best when trying to achieve smoothness. Let us now talk about the primary use of a miniature x-y table.

The primary use of a miniature x-y table

Many of the miniature x-y tables which are available were all constructed to provide the same quality work which you may expect from a standard x-y table. This kind of x-y table provides convenience because of its portability. A miniature x-y table comes with roller slides that can guarantee you complete smoothness and flatness. The weight of a miniature x-y table makes it easy for a person to glide without any kind of stress.

The miniature x-y table makes reading a very enjoyable task. It also offers comfort. The fact that the miniature x-y table is lightweight makes it an ideal choice because it can be transportable. While reading, it is very possible to glide the x-y table in any direction in order to get the best position where you can place your material.

In summation, the level of quality and the advantages which a miniature x-y table provides is higher than what any other kind of precision system can offer. This has made various high-tech industries chose miniature x-y tables in order to get high precision, quality, and accuracy of their research.

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