Newest trends in online television viewing

Newest trends in online television viewing

In the past two decades, top streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime, have changed television viewing behavior forever. People realized they were no longer bound to a TV set and could now watch tv shows online.  And people realized they were no longer bound to expensive monthly subscriptions for cable packages or satellite services.  Netflix and chill, streaming and cord-cutting became popular terms which reflected new behaviors and trends.  Netflix and chill means to view a flick on Netflix and relax instead of going out to see a movie

Streaming is future

Streaming literally means to view video content online.  Cord-cutting means to unsubscribe from expensive TV services which require a cord.  Popular memes depict people cutting their cable cord with a big pair of scissors thus permanently severing ties to an expensive, outdated business model.   Nevertheless, most streaming services either require paid subscriptions or the content is “paid” for via in-stream advertising. Overall, streaming subscriptions are a lot more affordable and offer the content which subscribers specifically want to view.

Modern streaming services:

The problem with cable and satellite services is that their pricey packages include a lot of channels and networks which are of no interest to viewers, thus bloating the monthly cost these services expect their customers to pay.  In addition, these services have more expenses to pass along to consumers in the form of maintaining lines strung on poles and laid underground or satellite dishes and feeds.  Internet-based streaming isn’t burdened by these massive physical expenses.  And the bottom line is driven by the customers’ money which may eventually drive cable and satellite services to restructure how they do business.

Freedom to choose

Instead of the retro family clustered around a black and white television viewing one single program, today’s modern family streams individual shows on their laptops, gaming monitors, mobile phones, etc.   Streaming means freedom.  Freedom to choose.  Freedom from expensive subscription fees. Freedom to watch tv shows online from any device which connects to the internet. There are more and more “cord-cutters” dropping cable and satellite services in favor of viewing content on demand via their internet connection.  Sales of TV sets and wide-screens are declining because there are less and less people watching traditional television.  Media streaming devices like Roku, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick, which allow connection from an internet based device to a monitor or screen for more optimal viewing, are increasing in sales.  TVs are still being utilized, more frequently as larger screens for internet-based viewing.

What are the newest trends in online television viewing?  The newest trends include more mobile-optimization, more original content produced specifically for online consumption and more streaming services  – free models like’s FreeDive and The Roku Channel or paid enterprises like Disney and Sling.


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