Online Gaming Technology

Online Gaming Technology

If you are interested in online gaming, then you would know that the technologies involved are constantly upgrading. You can be certain that within weeks of buying a new gaming rig, that a new and improved model will be available.

This might seem like a nuisance and it can end up being quite costly, but this is how quickly technology changes in the modern world. Whether you are looking at monitors, keyboards, graphics cards, or processors, they all are being upgraded at a ridiculously fast pace.


All parts of a computer are important, especially when it comes to gaming. The hardware used in gaming systems can be very expensive. Gamers are willing to pay through their teeth for the latest in gaming technologies.

A part that is vital to any computer is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). This part controls all processes taking place on your computer and as you can imagine, there are a lot.

If you are someone that doesn’t like waiting for an application to load or you don’t like how slow your game operates, you should make sure you have the fastest CPU available. But be careful, because these parts can be costly.

Two of the leading processor brands are Intel and AMD. These companies have been at it for a while and even though Intel is the senior of the two, AMD has made some significant ground in the past few years and have some seriously impressive CPUs available.

Intel i-Range processors

Intel released their i range back in 2008 already but it has seen some major improvements over the years. The range includes i3, i5, and i7 (with a recently added i9 edition for extreme users).

The different models have different performance specifications, with the i3 being the entry level and the i7 being the top of the range. What type of speed you are looking for will affect which processor you decide on.

8th Generation Processors

The latest version of Intel’s i-range is their 8th generation units. These units were announced at the end of 2017 and are seeing considerable release updates/upgrades during 2018.

These 8th generation units are quite impressive and feature some of the most ground-breaking technology Intel has released. The performance of the 8th gen units is on average ~70% better than their 7th gen counterparts – which are seriously impressive.

One could say Intel has been feeling the pressure from their competitors at AMD but their latest units are sure to impress. What makes them even better is that they aren’t much more expensive than their 7th generation counterparts. They are, however, still slightly more expensive than their AMD equivalents.

If you are looking for the latest gaming technology and a new processor is on that list, you should consider an 8th generation Intel CPU. Check out where you can play games online using the latest tech.

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