Outsourcing Web Development: Local or Offshore?

Outsourcing Web Development: Local or Offshore?

Outsourcing is the reality of many companies as most businesses cannot be self-sufficient at all levels. Some businesses are under-staffed,others lack the technical or professional knowhow to carry out web development projects, while others are dealing with too much workflow. While outsourcing web development, you would expect constant communication detailing progress, quality work, and short turn-around times. When deciding to outsource, you have a bunch of options to choose from—from freelancers to web development companies and local or offshore web developers.

While it may be easier to choose between a web development agency and an individual freelancer, deciding whether to go local or offshore is where the real challenge lies. A local web developer is one who is available in your locality or country while an offshore developer is based outside of your resident country. Global Etik, the offshore web agency in Morocco Africa, is an example of such a developer.

Local outsourcing

The biggest benefit of using a local agency is the ability to better communicate with local developers due to closeness in distance and similar time zones. Domestic outsourcing enables you to follow the step-by-step development of your website easily.The major disadvantage of local web development outsourcing is higher costs and lack of flexibility in working time.

Offshore outsourcing

Although offshore outsourcing also comes with cons such astechnology differences, communication gaps, and cultural and language differences; these are issues that you can easily avoid. Choose an offshore company that speaks the same language as you, and also one that has existed for a considerable period and knows how to handle the challenges of offshore outsourcing. Some benefits of offshore outsourcing include:

Lower costs

If you are buying web agency services from developing countries such as the Philippines, India, and Africa, you can enjoy lower prices, without a compromise on the quality of output.This is because the cost of living may be cheaper in those countries.According to a report by Forbes, companies which outsource offshore get at least 40% in cost savings. Some countries also offer tax savings for those who outsource website development services.

More hours of operation

If you are dealing with a company which is operating in a different time zone, you get to utilize more hours of the day running the operations of your company. You can also have an in-house team collaborating with an offshore team to facilitate a 24-hour development cycle. If you only have an in-house team, they may have to work odd hours at times to achieve web development goals.

They work well for web development companies who are outsourcing extra work

If you are a huge local web development agency with work overload, you may prefer to outsource to an offshore web development agency for several reasons. First, they may not see you as much of a competition as another local web development company would. Secondly, offshore development agencies are cheaper, so you can get a more decent profit.

As long as the benefits outweigh the flops, offline outsourcing will remain a lucrative solution formost companies.

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