Shoot better time-lapse photos – Few tips from expert photographers

Shoot better time-lapse photos – Few tips from expert photographers

Previously, there were no proven ways of capturing motion but now with the invention of time-lapse photography, there are different interesting ways in which you can click motion. Believe it or not, the results of time-lapse photography are splendid! Changing shadows and light, moving clouds, things that are growing, celestial motion, flowing water, moving city life make some of the greatest objects for time-lapse photography.

If you’re a novice about what time-lapse photography is, it is the shooting of images of a specific subject constantly at definite intervals and then making a single movie out of the entire thing. It is more of a progression of time in a fast-forward mode. Although you may think that creating a time-lapse is complicated enough, but if you can master the art, you can effortlessly create your own masterpiece. Here are few expert tips to follow.

  • Do away with the ‘auto’ mode: As the subject keeps changing, everything else in the camera requires remaining constant. You have to therefore set your camera to a manual mode way before you start shooting the time-lapse. The Shutter speed, ISO, white balance, aperture, everything needs to be set to the manual mode. However, if you’re someone who hasn’t ever shot in manual mode, you could click a picture both in shutter priority or aperture priority mode and later on use similar settings in the mode.
  • Focus should also be done manually: Go for auto focus when you begin shooting but once you start it off, change it to manual focus. If you don’t do this, before each shot, the camera will try auto-focussing and this might unnecessarily consume enough battery time and also lead to possible errors in the movie.
  • Predict the motion before composing: If you are able to predict the subject’s movement within the next few minutes, compose the shot in such a manner that the change in the movement falls within your frame. For this, you have to anticipate the right motion.
  • Save enough memory by low resolution shooting: You might be visiting places which have very little access to electricity and memory will make an issue in such places. Most often, you wouldn’t require full resolution of 15.1 MP. Reduce resolution in the best way possible and save on shoot and space at the same time.
  • Stay updated if you lack machineries: The requirement of an intervalometer is imperative and if you don’t own one, you need not fret as you can use a remote shutter to trigger shots manually at definite intervals. Although this is more tiring and time-consuming, but something is better than nothing. Make sure you don’t press the button with your hands as even slight shake can cause errors in your time-lapse.

With that said, you can’t deny the indispensable need of good music. When you play the final video, without the right music, there will be something missing and the video may not be a treat to the eyes and ears. You may check out for more information on clicking time-lapse photography.

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