The definition of cyber security

The definition of cyber security

As the name suggests, this is security in concern with cyber devices. In today’s world, security, especially in our workplace extends beyond just the tangible stuff. Cyber security will ensure that all our data, networks, software applications and computer systems are well safeguarded. This could include a host of things like:

  • Preventing a hacker or malicious software from unauthorized access to your system.
  • Meddling with the data contained within.
  • Misuse of data and resources.
  • Process of decrypting data in the mismanagement of funds.
  • Interrupting in the normal functioning of business affairs.

To some extent, we can overcome these challenges but hackers are smart and they are perpetually coming up with more and more sophisticated ideas in over riding the computer or individual. They use a variety of tools to fuel their mission. These are:

Ransomware: This is a program that is designed by hackers to decrypt an encrypted software and save it in a remote server, thereby preventing users from accessing their files.

There’s a reason why this word has been conned as such, “ransom-ware”. The hackers capitalize on this trespassing of data by asking for a ransom from their victim. They promise to hand over the code in exchange for money but there is no guarantee whatsoever that they will follow through with their words.

Botnet attacks:Botnet is a group of devices that is connected through the same network in the performance of a designated task. Hackers can now access this network and inject malware to upset its functions. They usually target huge enterprises and organizations, owing to the large data record.

This can be done via spam email, distributed denial of service and confiscation of private data. Elijah m&a due diligence can prevent such attacks from happening by assessing such risks and evaluating them. Their experts are well qualified in dealing with such crisis.

Attractive offers as a decoy: Ever had a bright flashing message claiming that you’re a winner? This is what hackers do. They try to entice people into clicking suspicious links by offering huge prize money. These frauds can also tempt you into feeding your personal and bank information which will be instantly used for swindling money.


Crypto currency hijacking: Cryptocurrency is a digital exchange of money. Virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero are all targeted by injecting mining codes into the system.


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