Tips and tricks to avoid plagiarism

Tips and tricks to avoid plagiarism

Nervous about your essay? Not sure on how it came out? If you are worrying about how your teachers or professors might react to your work – check it for plagiarism to ease off the stress. Why is checking for plagiarism important? Because it helps you avoid many severe and unwanted consequences later on. However, in this article let’s talk about simple and smart ways to avoid plagiarism in your writing. Let’s get started.

Try to rewrite it in your own words

The most important thing in avoiding plagiarism is originality. If you saw the definition in a vocabulary or on Wikipedia, don’t just rewrite it. Try to understand the meaning or the process behind the official definition and rewrite it in your own words. This is going to add a very welcome dimension of newness to your writing.

Use plagiarism testing tools

If you are wondering ‘are there any tricks how to pass a plagiarism test?’ the answer is probably not. Depending on the software you or your professors use, a plagiarism test is as thorough and as accurate as anything. For example, Plagramme has over 14 trillion different sources from all over the world. This makes their system almost unbeatable. Try to pass their plagiarism test:

Don’t buy content from others

As tempting as it might seem – steer clear of those who offer to do your job for you. Even if you do, double or triple check to be absolutely 100% sure about what you’re getting. Never hesitate to back off from a shady deal. People offering thesis, essay or other writing services may very well be professionals but you never know what you could get in exchange.


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