Transformation of Samsung’s New Trend

Transformation of Samsung’s New Trend

Samsung lately introduces Samsung Universe S7, and S7 edge throughout the world’s Mobile Congress locked in Barcelona. For that fans of Android and Samsung that’s great news, and today they are able to get these superbly designed devices but they need to wait just till March 11. It’s apparent that these two features loaded cellular devices will discover more attraction than the previous versions of Universe S series. Samsung regular users will discover these specific cellular devices as excellent and advantageous as S6 and also the S6 edge was. During these two cellular devices, Samsung added newer and more effective features he did not use before to draw in new consumers in purchasing their mobile phone.

On the other hand mobile manufacturer again provide a premium metal and glass turn to these new cellular devices S7 and S7 edge. Although its seems like a backward step however the historic data shows a massive positive impacts around the sales of the trademark. Within their previous versions of smartphones, Samsung provides a metal and glass design towards the hardware that is fully appreciated. During these approaching S7 and S7 edge smartphones Samsung provides an SD slot card that will permit its users in order to save anything they want. Water-resistant design is really a new feature that’s a new facet of these fully featured cellular devices.


This season Samsung has made the decision to fabricate two modifications of Universe S so that they split it into two distinct styles. Universe S7 is getting a display size of 5.1 inches, and S7 is 5.5 inches. Universe S7 Edge has distinctive designs with curved glass on sides. It’s expected that regular users will discover S7 more appropriate for his or her daily existence use, but advanced power users will like to make use of Samsung Universe S7 edge. The Android users will appreciate large display and lots of exclusive productivity features. These two smartphones may have Quad HD resolution that’ll be broadly recognized through the users. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processer is set up in that device with 4 GB of RAM will unquestionably boost the expertise of users.

These two smartphones are as gorgeous because the old versions of Universe S were. Back metal frame of S7 and S7 edge are softer and fits better in hands compared to older versions. Water-resistant features have returned in these two devices no harm will happen to these fully featured smartphones if these incidentally fell into water for half an hour. Universe S7 Edge will give you space as much as 10 shortcuts of apps. Both of these smartphones may have 12-megapixel rear cameras and 5 megapixel Selfie camera around the front. The releasing date of Universe S7 and also the S7 edge is March 11, however the Samsung not announce the cost.

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