Tug-a-War: Social Media Tools From NetBase Can Help Businesses Win

Tug-a-War: Social Media Tools From NetBase Can Help Businesses Win

Online and Regular brick and mortar businesses are in a constant battle with the Internet. Being online can be great, but it can also hurt a business in a split second, thanks to social media.

You can reach more people and sell more, but you can also lose a lot, which is part of the risk. The following are a few social media tools that can help businesses come out on top.

Crisis on Social Media

Bad news spreads, and it spreads faster online with the help of social media. This is one reason NetBase offers the social media crisis management tool to businesses.

People can share bad stories about a business online and ruin that company’s reputation quite quickly. That is a pretty big risk, but you can micromanage with this tool that helps you monitor a social media problem. Monitoring a crisis may not seem too valuable, but it is careful analyzation of a problem that is going to allow a business to respond to the issue concerning most customers.

Boosting Campaigns

It would be nice if businesses had never-ending disposable income, but that is not the case, which makes it even more important for businesses to be as efficient as possible with their tasks.

A costly task businesses have to deal with is online campaigns, but you can make this task more cost-effective. The boost campaign performance tool that is offered by NetBase analyzes past campaigns to see what your customers react to positively and what can be let go of. This boosting tool is one many social media tools that can make or break a business.

Improving Launches

Part of the reason social media tools are so effective is because they help businesses analyze their customers in real-time. This information can do a lot for a company, like allow them to address a growing crisis, but it can also help a company launch a product or service more effectively.

The maximize product launch tool offered by NetBase is there to read customers on social media to find out the best way to advertise this launch or how to grab their attention. The chances of a new product or service becoming popular increases when many people try it out at launch.

Building Customer Care

Customer relations is pretty important. A business can actually lose business if they are not providing good customer care. This is one reason why social media tools that focus on ensuring good customer care are valued by many companies.

Customers expect top-notch customer service and may talk negatively about a business if they do not get it, which could lead to nearly irreversible brand damage. NetBase offers a customer experience management software tool that helps do things like analyze customer expectations or where a company falls short. This information can be used to meet customer expectation or even exceed them.

A Little More on NetBase

NetBase rose in popularity by providing exactly what many businesses wanted. This social media analytics platform helps businesses run a smoother operation by reading social media conversations about a particular business, service, or product.

In essence, NetBase is here to do some market research for a company, which could end up not only boosting a business but also saving money. Growing businesses need additional funds all the time, and now it is even more attainable if they use the tools provided by NetBase.


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