Using InstagramIn Order To Market Businesses

Using InstagramIn Order To Market Businesses

As soon as Instagram was launched the photo sharing social scene changed. Instagram is nowadays hugely popular, with hundreds of millions of users that are active and that constantly post updates. The social platform became highly popular because of all the features is added. It is so easy to add special effects to the images uploaded and the filters are among the most popular in the world.

Some time ago using Instagram to market businesses was not highly effective. This all changed when Facebook bought the site and the app. Marketing a business with Instagram is now possible but it is not as easy as you may think. That is mainly because you would need to use a totally different approach than with the other networks. Buying cheap Instagram likes is only the start, the move that most marketers consider. What you do after and how you manage the account will always have a huge impact on the results.

If you want to jumpstart your marketing campaign with Instagram, here are some things to consider.


Instagram allows users to geographically tag posts. This is highly useful because there will be a personal photo map that will be created. That would be shared with followers. Such an approach is really good for the businesses associated with physical locations or the individuals that often travel to various locations. At the same time, geotagging is going to help your posts show up more often in areas where you have potential customers.

Offer An Inside Look

Social media is all about sharing. The followers and fans will share their time with you but that is only possible in the event they think they can connect with you. That basically means that you have to be sure that you showcase the fact that the business is human. Adding pictures of your staff when inside the office is a really good idea. You can also add some photos of interesting upcoming products. The idea is to basically offer inside looks into the work that the business does.

Using Appropriate Hashtags

No matter what article you read about how to market your business on Instagram, you will see that people talk about using hashtags. This is simply because it is something that will help you to reach a much wider audience than what you initially imagined. The hashtags have to be appropriate for the industry or the business. Choose them based on what is really popular and alternatively, create your own branded hashtags.

User Images

This is an option that few marketing specialists consider. Since there are people that do use your products right now, encourage them to share photographs with your account of themselves while using the images. You can easily use a hashtag promotion system to get the point across. This helps a lot in branding hashtags and making them more popular. At the same time, you benefit from users uploading their very own images and doing some work for you. The viral aspect of Instagram should never be neglected.

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