Video conference terminal to buy points

Video conference terminal to buy points

Video conferencing system as a cross-regional communication tools, has been more and more users of the recognition and favor, and with the network and video technology development, has been widely rooted in the government, military, financial, small and medium enterprises , As people’s daily meeting, collaborative office of the necessary tools. From the user’s point of view, the face of the market, the total video conferencing system products, how to buy for their own products, become the most subject to their concerns, this article from the video conferencing system product type to start, and from the user needs The angle to provide users with some purchase tips.

Video conferencing system, as the name suggests, refers to two or more different places of individuals or groups, through the transmission lines and multimedia equipment, the sound, video and file data interchange, to achieve real-time and interactive communication to achieve the purpose of the meeting System equipment. In contrast to the phone, in addition to the language exchange with the other side, but also to see their expression and action, so that people in different places like in the same room to communicate, so that long distance people do not have to Traveling long distances to help improve office efficiency.

Today, we mainly introduce pure hardware video conferencing system in the purchase need to measure a few questions.

First, the product of the rigid indicators – audio and video effects

For video conferencing products, audio and video effects is its most intuitive form of expression, but also users measure the most commonly used indicators of a product, in terms of audio, the majority of video conferencing manufacturers use the same technology, are the International Telecommunication Union itu organization The h.320 standard g.7xx audio coding specification. The sound is subject to loss of compression, in addition to technical indicators, but also need to have echo suppression, automatic gain control, noise cancellation and other voice processing functions to ensure that the system’s voice is more smooth and natural.

Video need to avoid a misunderstanding is: only “HD” is the first look, many do not understand the video conferencing users usually think that only high-definition video conferencing system is worth choosing, can be said to talk about HD, and often ignore their own Use the environment. For the guarantee of high-definition video conferencing, in addition to equipment, matching the network environment is also very important. If the user’s branches without green or dedicated bandwidth does not meet the conditions for running high-definition meeting, such as 10:00 720p HD conference bandwidth requires at least 2m branch line, otherwise it can not achieve high-definition effect, so that the purchase of high-definition The meeting will be difficult to play a role, and finally be reduced to standard equipment used, can be described as waste of money.

From the product level, in addition to audio and video effects, a good video conferencing products should also be rich in functionality, compatibility, such as to adapt to internet, metropolitan area networks, local area networks, vpn and satellite networks and other networks, This is useful for future user extensions.

Second, the user’s own use of the environment

Personally think that buying things, the most important thing is not the most expensive, but should be the most suitable for their own, blind pursuit of high-end luxury, can only lead to waste of capital, so users in the choice of products, in addition to focus on performance, And their own practical application environment.

1, clear application occasions

Generally speaking, in the field of government office applications, excellent audio and video effects and stability should be the primary factor in the user to consider; in the field of education office applications, interactive real-time, a large number of rich multimedia courseware transmission capabilities, hypermedia Information interaction and other auxiliary functions should be the focus of attention for users; in enterprise applications, due to the enterprise network environment and video product diversity, in the application process of product interoperability and network interface richness should be the user’s attention The

2, combined with real needs

In the purchase of video conferencing system, to the combination of the actual work needs of the unit and the network status of the branches and other factors to consider.Large conference room using high-definition conference equipment, medium-sized conference room using standard definition conference equipment, desktop users use software terminals, office users can use the software terminal, 3g mobile phone or telephone to participate in video conferencing. At the same time pay attention to the purchase of equipment and existing equipment compatibility, not too advanced can not simply save some of the outdated technology to save costs, should try to choose the mainstream technology on the market.

3, the election quasi-strength manufacturers

People in the pursuit of brand name is not without reason, because many times the brand is synonymous with quality, so in the choice of video conferencing system will often encourage you to pursue brand names, so manufacturers often represent the technical strength, rich experience, excellent after-sales service and other content, and video Conference system of computer technology updates soon, if there is no strong comprehensive strength, product replacement is slow, the user will not be able to get the service and security, this way can also be said to be in a sense increased the cost.

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