What is Joomla and Why so Popularity?

What is Joomla and Why so Popularity?


Joomla is the second most popular CMS open source after WordPress. So, let’s check if Joomla is worth to become the second most popular CMS.

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Once Joomla is installed in your system, you can access the Joomla administrative interface. When you first log in there, you are going to be greeted with a dashboard screen with the help of that dashboard; you can manage your installation.


  • Administration


The administrative screen can be quickly accessed within the CMS. In the dashboard, you will find that Joomla offers a list of administrative menus. There are also several buttons and configuration screens; they all will change depending on what you select.


  • Website Settings


The capability to place your Joomla website offline from here is new to the 2.5 series and you are provided with a variety of ways to customise exactly how your offline message is taken care of. As you can see, you can customise the message with your text & pictures or use the system default. Picking the conceal option when the website is in offline mode will simply reveal a login display, requiring customers to confirm with the system.


  • SEO Settings


On the System tab, we discover the settings for allowing debugging within Joomla in addition to Joomla’s caching capacities. You can likewise set the course to your log folders and assist web server. If you have tailored any of the aid to capability, this may be useful.


  • The Systems Tab


Website wide approvals can be set up within Joomla on the Permissions tab. Below you can configure what site-wide approvals each of the duties that are set up within the CMS can have.


  • Permission Settings


Additionally, under the site menu, you’ll discover the Maintenance alternative. From there, you can globally sign in all content, clear the cache or remove the expired cache from your Joomla website.


  • User Management


There is a variety of sub-menus, as you can see, with everything from customer and team monitoring to customer notes, access levels and even the capability to mass mail users from within Joomla.


  • User Manager

The Joomla User Manager features a variety of conveniently offered options such as the capacity to filter the list of users by group, state, registration day, group, as well as whether they are active or non-active users. Aside from normal individuals, groups can gain access to levels; there is a feature called User Notes. This is similar to something that one would usually find in the discussion forum software.

Joomla has various other easy controls to develop a website. But you can also use templates of Joomla, such as news templates, and then proceed from there or customise it.

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