What to Expect in the Luminar 2018 Version

What to Expect in the Luminar 2018 Version

Even though the official announcement has not been made, most people are eager to know what will come with the new version of luminar. The new version will definitely be more intuitive, faster, and powerful. The application will be available for both windows and mac users. The feedback and images that came from the team played a critical role in developing these new features. Therefore, this is an excellent product that is being revealed to the whole world.

  • Windows and Mac

Close to 300,000 people have tried the Beta for PC version of this platform. The developer is confident that he is on the right track. The 2018 version will be available for both the windows and Mac users. This means that you will be in a position to create stunning images irrespective of your preferred platform. All you need is to keep the memories of your beautiful images so that you can remember them in future. It is no longer about the type of computer you are using. The Beta PC application will be discontinued in December 2017 to pave way for the 2018 version.

  • Ideal for Dramatic and Unique Results

The improved RAW engine in the 2018 version delivers less noise, better color and is faster. You can use the new lens correction to take full control over your images and transform your tools and old favorites like color temperature and spot heals to eliminate any flaws.

The developer has added high-speed noise reduction effects and enhanced the current filters to clean up any undesired noise on a real-time basis. The other extra features include new impressive filters for tone, stylize, and enhancing your images. This also includes Brilliance, Hue Shift, LUT Mapping, Dodge & Burn, Sun Rays, and a New Cool Matte appearance.

  • Comfort and speed while making stunning photos is a shorter time

The solution comes with an improved editing experience that has a streamlined user interface that uses masks, filters, and presets to speed up the process. Most photographers cannot shoot RAW unless their cameras capture more color and tone details. The modern RAW engine allows this software to open and process your files at a faster pace.

The most favorite filters have been finetuned for boosting dramatic performance. You will now be able to use the image radiance, split toning, bi-color toning, structure, and microstructure filters among others to achieve faster edits with greater control, fidelity, and color.

  • An excellent Digital Asset Management Tool

The upcoming (DAM) digital asset manager is fantastic and will do a lot of magic using the drives that you already have. It is also compatible with any cloud storage platform. You will be in a position to run this software on your LR library and compare both DAMS sideways before choosing the best one for your case. Anyone who will own the 2018 supernova will get this feature as a free update. Some companies will try to convince you to shift from Lightrooms but this development will make sure that you get it right by giving you a tool you will enjoy to use each single day. You will keep on receiving more updates on the same even after the official launch.

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