What Which Features of Business Card Make It Perfect

What Which Features of Business Card Make It Perfect

Nobody wants that the first sensation of our interlocutor when knowing us is worse than the best possible and for that reason many things must be taken into account … but we do not talk about the physical aspect. There are many important details such as the topic that concerns us today: the business cards from


Traditionally, business cards were the most appropriate way of leaving our signs and today they still are, despite the growing importance of new technologies. We all like to have a business card that identifies us and represents us correctly and appropriately, but fewer and fewer people take into account the importance of having an ideal business card .

What features should our ideal business card meet?

  1. The content.

The information that should contain the ideal business card must be that strictly necessary for the purpose that is pursued with the delivery of the same. For this reason it is advisable to have different business cards for potential partners, customers or suppliers, since each one looks for information from us and the excess of information can be counterproductive.

  1. The graphics.

Still today the graphics and images are abused to “decorate” the business card and this is an error. In the case that our business card contains an image this should be clear and must accompany the content to reinforce it and never to steal the limelight. Many times we see cards with a really impressive image that eats all the prominence of the card, but the most important will always be our brand (company logo, personal logo, etc.).

  1. The format.

The most traditional format is the rectangular landscape, but the evolution of the printing presses allow us to have cards of multiple formats  of business card at https://www.kiasuprint.com/common-company-seals-singapore/ which favours that the “first impact” is positive in our interlocutor. Using the die can give more packaging to our card, but it is not the only thing.

  1. Paper.

Our card should not be too rigid or too flexible. The ideal business card is one that has an average flexibility, but this can vary depending on the image you want to present with the business card.

  1. The impression.

There are still companies that print their own cards on “home” printers and THIS IS A MISTAKE. The printers offer great solutions and really optimal finishes so it is convenient to leave it in the hands of professionals so that the finishes are the best.

  1. The simplicity

We must not forget that in many occasions a simple and elegant business card is the best possible presentation so the minimalist prevails in the latest design trends of business cards, although this is very relative.

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If you follow these tips and, in addition, never deliver a broken business card, dirty or in bad condition you will have a high probability of causing your interlocutor the best possible first impression, so do not hesitate and contact us to design you your new business card format. You dare?


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