Why Using Speed Cushions are Better than Using Speed Ramps

Why Using Speed Cushions are Better than Using Speed Ramps

No matter if your project needs speed cushions or speed bumps for the areas near schools, town centers, or as a part of any other measures undertaken to promote traffic calming methods, Traffic Logix got your back. If you are purchasing speed bumps or speed cushions, installation can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, by shaving off the high speeds in the mph sign of the drivers doing rash and reckless driving, leading to minimal road disruption and reduced installation costs in a significant amount.

  1. The very main advantage of using speed cushions over speed bumps is that it lets the emergency vehicle straddle or bypass the narrow width of 1800 m and they are readily available in high visibility red. Hence, these speed cushions which are also known by the name ‘sleeping policemen’ in the UK are quite famously used at the Heathrow Airport.
  2. The rubber speed cushions are manufactured from the recycled rubber tires. They are sturdy and flexible; rubber is light in weight and is easier to work with the concrete and asphalt, which significantly minimizes the number of hours that are required to be invested in its installation.
  3. Rubber pieces can be easily pulled up and moved without being subjected to any kind of damage. This makes it easy for the companies which are willing to install the temporary measures in order to test an area and is also deemed a safety feature for products to be stored and preserved during the winters to keep the snow plow damage at bay. Unlike the asphalt and concrete which requires frequent and high cost replacement, products made from rubber are quite durable and cost efficient as well. Besides its durable benefits, these products also provide a quick and easy way to install when timing is merely a key.

Additional benefits of speed cushions

  1. It has embedded cat eyes that increases visibility and safety, no matter day or night.
  2. It also has a channeled bottom which provides drainage and protects wires, cabling or piping.
  3. It is narrow enough for emergency vehicles to straddle or bypass without slowing down.
  4. It ensures all-weather easy maintenance: doesn’t warp, chip, crack, crumble or corrode.
  5. It is extremely durable, in case of heavy traffic as well.
  6. It is flexible which conforms to road curvature and any concrete or asphalt surface.
  7. It is quite resistant to extreme temperature changes, oils, UV light, moisture, and damage.
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