Soft Skills for Productivity Enhancements in Remote Employees

Soft Skills for Productivity Enhancements in Remote Employees

One of the most important lessons of the pandemic for businesses is that remote working can be challenging. The shift to remote working will continue even after the pandemic ends and business returns to offices, as it is estimated that 70% of all workforce will leave the office and work from home for all five days of a working week. However, current and potential remote workers must equip themselves with specific soft skills to make most of this emerging opportunity.


Remote employees are more likely to be distracted at home than they will be if they came to work. Though internet monitoring software for remote offices can help to a certain extent, remote employees must use their flexible time to their advantage. They should make a list of objectives that must be fulfilled to stay focused on the task at hand.

Strong Written Communication

Strong written communication skills are crucial to employability that 77% of all employers want to see strong written communication skills in a candidate’s resume. This will be amplified with the shift to remote working, as a productive workplace is driven by regular communication. Though video calls may be suitable for meetings, they need not be so for informal communication. Therefore, remote employees have to equip themselves with written communication skills to coordinate with other employees and should be able to communicate with clarity and precision.


It is shown that regular team collaboration and interaction will positively affect employee productivity and reduce the scope for errors. To combat the temptation of retreating to individual projects, remote employees should regularly interact with other team members over video calls. This will be an essential soft skill for companies with employees who work remotely at least once a week.

While hiring, companies should look for how effectively a candidate has been able to work with and contribute to a team. Then the company’s goals, vision, and expectations from the employees can be placed before them. Team collaboration could also be enhanced through ice-breaker events and social events like face-to-face interaction and online games and movies.


This will emerge as the most critical soft skill for remote working as the previous facilities for assistance like the on-site IT support and colleagues will no longer be available. This means that remote employees have to take up the additional task of troubleshooting and adapt their working style based on the resources available to themselves and the team.

Managers of teams of remote workers will have to look into the skillset of the team members and adapt themselves according to the resources available to the team. Adaptability works best when combined with sales skills. Employees who adapt to new sales strategies like solution briefs for customers will seal the deal more often and gain more positive customer feedback.

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