Vensmile K8 Flexible Keyboard- The Foldable Computer Suite

Vensmile K8 Flexible Keyboard- The Foldable Computer Suite

Technology never waits for something new. It molds itself based on the ongoing techno updates and brings a flexible alternation in the present market. On every day, there comes a brand new invention that lowers the reliance upon human as well as saves time. Lately, the concept of IT observed the development of an adaptable keyboard connected having a completely functional PC. This flexible keyboard is known as as Vensmile K8 Flexible Keyboard. It may be either known as like a handy PC with all-in-one keyboard or could be referred to as a Home windows 10 PC inside a single piece.

The organization claimed that it’ll be accessible for purchase having a cost tag of $199.99 dollars. Earlier too the marketplace has witnessed the foldable keyboards, however this time, the organization is promoting the mixture of the foldable keyboard plus a completely functional CPU.

Diving into its technicalities, this product houses 4GB RAM together with 32/64GB inbuilt storage. It’s operated by a quad-core 1.4GHz Apple Atom x5-Z8300 CPU. It arrives with Home windows 10 pre-installed, for it to be an entire bundle of hardware and software in this reliable cost.

For connectivity, it will get HDMI cable along with a VGA port. The HDMI cable is capable of doing 4K resolution screen. With this particular, you may also fasten a television, projector or monitor based on your convenience and device availability. Additionally, it has Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth (v4.). Tow USB ports (one USB 2. & one 3.) will also be provided inside the device.


It’s overall a foldable keyboard with flexible keys added a mounted CPU. This product is scheduled to be released on 24h of October. With this particular launch, it’ll be interesting for what will function as the next invention. Build having a Spill-resistant design, it provides a great full-width place to key in a handy way.

Presently, there are lots of other similar keyboards available for sale like Microsoft, Dell, LG and lots of other brands. On the market where you can find already a lot of rivals, it will likely be really tough for Vensmile to seize the marketplace.

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